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We reach new frontiers of law

and work out cutting-edge solutions

to best serve client needs

LexEcon Consulting Group works with companies, government institutions and organizations to help address their legal challenges by providing innovative, cost-effective and result-oriented solutions in a multidisciplinary context.

Further we collaborate with law firms in achieving their innovation agendas. In the digital world, more and more law firms are prioritizing the development and delivery of innovative products and services both in response to client requirements and as a means of enhancing their competitive advantages.  

Our multidisciplinary talent pool, capacity and infrastructure enable us to produce cutting-edge legal solutions customized to our clients’ industry and business needs. We have a dual working environment consisting of a team of in-house consultants and a global network of consultants representing major legal systems of the world who actively work in a virtual office environment.

Our team of consultants always keep abreast of modern developments in the field of law. For instance, our constant focus on aligning our work with the current developments in LegalTech and the principles of Economic Analysis of Law, i.e., the interdisciplinary subject of Law and Economics. Economic Analysis of Law applies the tools of microeconomic theory to the analysis of legal rules and institutions. We strive to make efficient and effective legal solutions by drawing upon relevant economic concepts and theories.

We deliver legal consulting services in the Asia Pacific region and globally in the industry sectors mentioned below.

Global Services

Our global services are delivered through - 

(a) LexEcon Innovation Hub (a legal innovation service provider),


(b) Global Trade Guardian (a support service for digital adoption in international commercial trade contracts), and


(3) LEEG-net (Legal & Economic Empowerment Global Network – a pro bono partnership for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).


For more details, please click on the respective icons appearing below.

Legal Inno Hub Lexecon.png
global trade guardian logo.png
leeg logos.png


  • Aviation

  • Chemicals

  • Construction

  • Consumer Products

  • Energy

  • Entertainment, Sports & Leisure

  • Financial Institutions

  • Healthcare

  • Infrastructure

  • Life Sciences

  • Manufacturing & Industrial

  • Maritime & Shipping

  • Media

  • Mining & Metals

  • Oil & Gas

  • Pharmaceuticals 

  • Technology

  • Telecommunications


  • Antitrust/Competition

  • Business & Human Rights

  • Capital Markets

  • Contracts / Agreements Drafting

  • Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity

  • Derivatives

  • Economic Analysis of Law

  • E-Contracts for International Transactions 

  • Employment, Compensation & Benefits

  • Environment & Climate Change

  • Intellectual Property

  • International Arbitration

  • International Trade

  • Legal Research & Analysis

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Outsourcing Service Provision

  • Pro Bono

  • Project Development and Finance

  • Public International Law

  • Public Law

  • Regulatory & Compliance

  • Tax

  • Technology Transactions​

Please contact us for more information about our services and pricing.

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