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As a legal consulting partner, we take pride in having contributed to our clients’ outstanding business success for over two decades.

LexEcon Consulting Group serves a global clientele. 


We work with companies, government institutions and organizations to help address their legal challenges by providing cutting edge solutions in a multidisciplinary context. Further, we collaborate with law firms in realizing their endeavors to deliver innovation-driven services.


Our multidisciplinary talent pool, capacity and infrastructure help produce effective and innovative legal solutions customized to our clients’ industry and business needs. We have a dual working environment consisting of a team of in-house consultants and a global network of consultants representing major legal systems of the world. They always keep abreast of modern developments in the field of law. Our core competencies are based on the ability to devise interdisciplinary legal solutions.


As a legal consulting partner, we take pride in contributing to our clients’ outstanding business performance for over two decades. Founder & CEO of LexEcon Consulting Group, Dilum Abeysekera [MBA (Wales), Attorney-at-Law] has extensive experience in working with international clients including projects funded by the World Bank, UNDP and the USAID. 


We have cultivated a tradition of providing pro bono services to help address development challenges facing developing countries. With the objective of helping to realize the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we have established the pro bono initiative LEEG-net (Legal and Economic Empowerment Global Network - LEEG-net is a registered partnership for the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

We constantly comply with global best practices in operational excellence and service delivery.


Read more about us at Our Services and LexEcon Legal Innovation Hub.

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